Electric and automatic steam boiler, power between 6 and 22 kW, steam pressure from 1 to 7 bar


Electric and automatic steam boiler, available from 6 to 22 kW. Water feed can be connected directly to the water mains or to a condensate tank. Regulation of the working steam pressure is adjustable between 1 and 7 bar.

The high steam pressure is particularly suitable for operating presses with polished surface (recommended for the ironing of cotton articles) or if supplied with a special steam gun for fluffing and for the ironing of furs.

It’s available with a single group of heaters (three elements) or with two independent sets of heaters (six elements). The boiler shell is manufactured in accordance to the current PED regulations.


– Stainless steel condensate tank

– Double sets of heaters

– Steam gun for furs


Technical Specifications MAXI 26
Voltage 230V/400V/3/50-60 Hz
Steam working pressure 0,3 ÷ 7 bar
Boiler capacity 24.9 l
Pump motor 0.75 kW
Steam tap height 830 mm
Condensate recovery 380 mm
Overall dimensions 580x660x730 mm
Net weight 89 Kg
Gross weight (crate) 115 Kg
Packing dimensions 880x730x1050 mm


Available electric powers and steam output

MAXI 26 (one set of heaters)

MAXI 26 (two sets of heaters)





6 8,10 4+4 11
7 9,5 6+6 16
10 13,5 7+7 18,5
12 16 8+8 21
15 20 10+10 26,5
18 24,5 15+7 29,7

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